2019 North Conference


November 9, 2019

“Fight the Good Fight”

~ Keynote Speaker ~
Fr. Noah Bushelli

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Homeschooling 101: Homeschooling as a Path to Salvation -- Practical Tips and Reflections from My Overflowing Cup
As a homeschooling mother of many years and many children, Kh. Elizabeth presents some practical advice for beginning homeschoolers while also reflecting on some of the great blessings and great struggles of an Orthodox homeschool family.

A Conversation about “The Tech-Wise Family”: We will engage in a conversation about the use of technology in our families, and how to navigate the digital world with faithfulness to Christ. The material presented will be drawn from Andy Crouch’s book “The Tech-Wise Family.” We we encourage you to pick up a copy and read it before the conference. This book is recommended by Fr. Josiah Trenham.

Men’s / Women’s Roundtables: The Round Table discussions will be a casual environment of veteran and in the trenches parents sharing with one another what has worked and what has not worked in their homeschooling experience.  Come join us in sharing ideas and encouraging each other.