2019 East Adult Lectures & Workshops


Session 1 - Friday 10:30am

Keynote: Dr. Philip Mamalakis

“The Vocation of Parenting: Forming Souls”

Session 2 - Friday 1:30pm

Homeschooling 101: Homeschooling as a Path to Salvation -- Practical Tips and Reflections from My Overflowing Cup - Kh. Elizabeth Bushelli
As a homeschooling mother of many years and many children, Kh. Elizabeth presents some practical advice for beginning homeschoolers while also reflecting on some of the great blessings and great struggles of an Orthodox homeschool family.

Preparing Your Child for College (Panel Discussion)
Is the prospect of college for your child a concern that's been at the back of your mind? Or is it looming closer than you'd like? Come for a panel discussion about how you can best prepare your child for the challenges and opportunities inherent in the college experience.
Fr. Anthony Yazge, Camp Director and Spiritual Advisor for Antiochian Village in Bolivar, PA
Dr. Cyril Jenkins, Director of the St. Basil Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture, and the Van Gorden Professor in History at Eastern University
Steven Christoforou, Director of Y2AM (Department of Young & Young Adult Ministries, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America)
Pres. Eleni Kallaur, Moderator and Homeschool Mom

Teaching the Bible in the Orthodox Home - Dn. Michael Azar
How can we teach our families something as important as the Bible? In this workshop, we will address the different ways that Orthodox Christian parents can teach the Bible to kids of varying ages (and as they grow up) that are consistent with the Orthodox tradition, yet also credible, when relevant, to the wider world of biblical scholarship. This session will not be recorded.

Why and How to Teach Homer - Andrew Kern
Among the ancient Greeks, it would have been hard to find even one that didn't acknowledge Homer as his master teacher. In fact, next to the Bible, no author has had as profound and extensive an impact even on the modern world as this unknown poet.  But what does he have to offer to us today, so far removed from the silliness of ancient paganism and ever more secular?  This workshop shows how important Homer is to the Orthodox Christian and how to teach his works in the home school. It also includes cautions that Homer's readers need to heed.

Session 3 - Friday 3:15pm

Divinization Realized: Under the Tutelage of the Saints - Fr. Daniel Meyer
Books, math, music, poetry, painting, scripture, science experiments, etc. Our homeschooling days are filled to the brim! We want to give the very best to our children, after all. But, as teachers we have our very real limitations, and so we are faced with the question of prioritizing some subjects over others. Often we ask ourselves, “Out of all of this excellent material, what can I possibly cut out?” After the Holy Scriptures, careful attention must be given to the stories of the world’s greatest philosophers: the holy saints. The lives of these heroes are masterpieces that enrich those who gaze steadily upon them, offering to us the richest knowledge of the Gospel centered life. They reveal to us the very goal of all our strivings as persons, parents and homeschoolers: divinization. Let’s come together and explore how the saints speak to our children, and how we can best make sure their voices are heard and recalled.

Finding Balance: Homeschooling & Becoming Human - Mat. Jennifer Levine
We must accomplish so many important things each day, but we seem to lack the time to do it all.  This session will discuss:  1) becoming human; 2) knowing our children; 3) adapting our plans; and 4) valuing our personal growth.  As I share my experiences of finding balance as a homeschooling priest's wife and military spouse, I hope you find encouragement in the midst of your struggles, inspiration for finding balance, and a desire to enjoy something beautiful in your daily life.

Homeschooling Toward the Kingdom with a Child Suffering with Mental/Emotional Illness - BethAnn Hyatt (Panel Discussion)
A mom shares her journey homeschooling and parenting a child diagnosed with major depression with severe recurring episodes. The first half of this session will be led by BethAnn Hyatt, who hopes to share hope and come-alongside those homeschooling a child with mental or emotional struggles. In the second half, a panel will give their feedback and helpful medical, psychological, and spiritual insight on the same topic. Come with Kleenex, come willing to learn, and come with hope that there ARE life-giving ways to walk with a family member who is struggling. Panelists include Fr. Noah Bushelli, Dr. Philip Mamalakis, and Joel Klepac MA, LMFT. Due to the personal nature of this topic, this session will not be recorded.
Fr. Noah Bushelli, Archpriest of St. Philip Orthodox Church in Souderton, PA
Dr. Philip Mamalakis, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA
Joel Klepac, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, mental health and substance abuse counselor at Centre College in Danville, KY
BethAnn Hyatt, Moderator and Homeschool Mom

“I See Dead People!” Communicating the Presence and Present Importance of the Past to our Children - Dr. Cyril (Gary) Jenkins
Too often history is taught as a collection of facts, dates, or events, strung together chronologically, that exist as some foreign land, wholly removed from a student’s life. In this workshop we will investigate how to use texts, art, and even music in our effort to help our students understand the abiding place of the past in the present, especially for Orthodox educators.

Session 4 - Friday 7:30pm

Keynote: Dr. Philip Mamalakis

The Vocation of Parenting: Shaping Behaviors


Session 5 - Saturday 9:30am

Keynote: Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Q&A with Dr. Mamalakis


Session 6 - Saturday 2:00pm

Considering Giftedness (and Other Special Needs!) in the Shaping of Your Homeschool Planet - Kh. Kristina Gillquist
In this workshop, we will explore the befuddling experience of raising children with Asynchronous Development and Twice Exceptionality (the child with high highs and lower lows; skills and tendencies on both ends of the spectrum).  What do terms like giftedness or special needs actually mean?  Moreover, what are we supposed to do with them?  We will also take important inventory of relationships, as it is, of course, the family that has special needs.  As such, this is a wonderful workshop for parents to attend together.  Join us as we discuss the development and education of children who may carry a gifted or 'delayed' descriptor, share stories, offer encouragement, and with God's help, walk away with new ideas and a reboot! 

Learning Greek Together in the Little Church - Mallory Stripling
Learning to read Greek is an essential part of a classical Christian education, and for Orthodox Christians, Greek is even more foundational. Mallory will discuss the many reasons to study Greek, and give practical advice on how families can enjoy learning the language together in the context of their life in the church. We’ll end with a crash course in the Greek alphabet (it’s not that hard!) and learn to sing “Christ Is Risen” in Greek.

Parenting in the Trenches: Raising Children Who Will Stand Beside You - David Kern
Contemporary pop culture is full of examples of bumbling, foolish, and downright silly parents who are incapable of offering any sort of virtue-cultivating wisdom to their children. Because it rarely has the solutions to the challenges that parents face, our culture often stereotypes and caricatures the role of parenthood, focusing primarily on rule-enforcement (and chauffeuring) rather than the cultivation of human souls and healthy relationships. However, throughout history great literature has offered countless examples of mothers and fathers worth imitating, models whose sage advice, faithful love, and steadfast endurance can guide us as we toil in the trenches of twenty-first-century parenting. This talk will reflect on the wisdom and virtue these models offer and what it might mean in our homes.

When Homeschooling Doesn't Look Like What You Thought It Would - Vicki Ghareeb
Homeschooling involves a lot of emotional work! We will talk about the disappointment we feel when our results don't meet our expectations. How do we adjust and at the same time remain committed to what God has called our family to in the face of struggle, disappointment, fear, etc? Due to the personal nature of this topic, this session will not be recorded.


Session 7 - 7:30pm

Plenary: Andrew Kern

The Quadrivium

At the heart of a Christian classical curriculum is the quadrivium, the four mathematical arts of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. But, if you are wondering what music is doing in that list, you can understand that we have wandered a long way from using or even understanding these liberating arts according to their nature, purpose, or place. This workshop tells the fascinating story of where they came from, what they were for, why they are so powerful, what happened to them, and why we need them restored.